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Future proof your business

With economic uncertainty in the air and a sense of deja vu looming, we often resort to knee-jerk reactions to future proof ourselves (we know, we did them too!)

So what can we do to try learn from the past...?

Number 1

Perm vs contract?

What's the best hiring strategy during a recession in NZ? 

With over 20 years experience in recruitment Tribe's Sarah White focuses on the top 5 elements to consider when doing your workforce planning.

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Number 2

Hire now or hold off?

Many of us are aware of the term overcorrecting but are we aware of when we are doing it? Tribe's Cathi Thomson shares some of the key elements to avoid falling down the path of overcorrecting.

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Number 3

COVID learnings

What were some of your biggest learnings.

We saw history unfold and learned more than we ever could in a classroom.

Tribe's Sandy Gibbs takes us through points we can take with us and those we can do without.

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number 4

Talent shortage

Exceptional candidates are still in the market.

The war on talent! How are you navigating it? Tribe's Executive Search Lead David Hammond has some key messages for leaders out there!

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number 5

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How we help our clients

Clive Ormerod - Les Mills International

"I have worked with a lot of executive search teams both internationally and in NZ, and Tribe stand out. They are redefining what the new breed of executive search is. Their ability to think differently, reach into community groups that others don’t, means that the candidates they find are unique... and they are invested in making sure you get the best."

— Clive Ormerod — Chief Executive Officer, Les Mills International

Bryan Dobson - NZ Post

"I have been working with Tribe for a number of years. Initially, they helped me to establish a new Sales & Marketing senior leadership team following an organisational restructure.

The outcome is that we have established an extremely strong and collaborative leadership team with diverse and complementary skillsets. More than two years down the track that team is still together and delivering great results."

— Bryan Dobson — Chief Customer Officer, NZ Post

"I have worked with both Emma and James, two of the chiefs, for 10 years plus and appreciate their genuine focus on partnership and understanding of what good talent looks like.

Tribe's brand compliments ours and has cut through, attracting a high calibre of people, not to mention their research function which taps into inactive talent in the market. I continue to value their honest commercial advice and I know that they work in a true partnership model to help us achieve our business goals."

— Marlene Strawson — General Manager People & Performance, Mercury

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